Marine Info

Marine Batsi, Andros, Cyclades, Greece

Position: N 37° 51′ 1″, E 24° 47′ 5″.

This is a pleasant and quiet public marine. Marine in Batsi, Andros, is safe and well protected from the often raging winds in this part of the Aegean. The number of boat berths are about 93 available for yachts, catamarans and boats. Fire hoses and extinguishers are located on all piers, featuring both fresh water and seawater circuits. There is a fuel station nearby, available to supply fuel per call. There are enough stores (cafes, grocery shops, supermarket, bars and restaurants) ashore, open 7 days a week. There is an ATM cash point and bank services on the port, as well as car and motorbike hire services. There is also a taxi stand and the local bus terminal a few meters away.

Zone meteo: southeast Aegean

Local weather info

Andros Nautical Chart: 1:150000


NW                                        nm           °     

Port Gavrio, Andros            2.9         303

Port Karistos, Evia               19          298

NE                                          nm           °     

Port Psara, Psara                  55             41

Port Mesta, Chios                 59            64

SW                                         nm           °     

Port Agios Nikolaos, Kea     24          242       

Gyaros Island                        15           192

SE                                           nm           °     

Port Kastro(Port Andros)    7.2           95

Port Korthi, Andros             9.3           121

Steno Dysvato                       13            141


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